The love for the ride is what makes us tick.

Zipping up our leathers.

Strapping our boots.

Put on our helmet.

Heartbeat goes up.

Ready to ride!

Riding is what makes us tick. We aim for the unparalleled experience. We want to prepare for the future and make an impact on future mobility. Electric mobility is the future. We want to make sure our offspring can enjoy riding motorcycles.

It is not about being noble. It is just a SOLID plan.

Design Values

SOLID defined 3 criteria that customers judge important. We continuously work on reflecting these in our daily activities.

First, we want to offer our customers and partners a great EXPERIENCE whenever reaching out or when using one of our products.

Secondly, we want our customers and partners to feel the same EXCITEMENT driving our motorcycles as our team feels when developing, manufacturing or delivering them.

And last but not least, we want to take care of the ENVIRONMENT and keep our company’s ecological footprint to a bare minimum.